Periyar fought for the establishment of a society which ensured a real and inalienable equality for all the people, both men and women, the spread of universal literacy, eradication of caste system (peculiar to our country), discrimination of any sorts, superstitious beliefs, religious faiths and exploding the myth of god and the doctrine of soul, destiny and rebirth.

Periyar was an “uncompromised” person in matters of accepting adjustments for benefits at the cost of his ideologies. He stood firm against all odds and discriminations that articulated people in different segments.

Being the alpha he vehemently voiced for women liberation. Being born in a wealthy family, he always stood by the economically downtrodden people. Being born in the so-called “upper caste”, Periyar mercilessly fought for the eradication of caste system and always voiced for the people deprived of rights with account to casteism.

The beauty of Periyar was that he was always welcome to criticism and had always asked his followers to even reject his own ideologies if it sounded illogical or irrational.

His objective and ambition were essentially one of modernising the society and bringing it in tune with the ideals and values relevant to the times.

Periyar kept an open mind and was refreshingly resilient in accepting and absorbing changes. While he was alert and responsive to new developments, he did not rely on any authority ancient or modern for his views. The opinions expressed and the measures advocated by him were essentially the results of his own experience, observation and contemplation. He judged every issue using simple criteria. His approach to and analysis of any issue can be summarised in the following questions:

  • * Is it fair and just to all concerned?
  • * Does it stand to reason?
  • * Is it in tune with natural inclinations of men and women?
  • * If it is not, is it necessary to adopt it or follow it for human welfare and progress on a long-term basis?
  • * Will it promote human endeavour?
  • * Will it contribute to human progress?

When an issue failed his tests, he never once wavered in his grim determination to oppose it.

Periyar’s ideologies were based on such parameters that evaded unscientific and illogical theories and practices.

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