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A Biographical Sketch

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From 1973 to 1978  

1973 Sep-16,17
Periyar happily participated in his 95th Birth-Day Celebrations. The A.D.M.K. General Secretary M.G. RAMACHANDRAN offered laurels and a purse to Periyar.
1973 Sep-30
A huge 'Conference of Blackshirts' was conducted at Madurai City. The statue of Thanthai Periyar was unveiled by Tamil Nadu Minister Dr. V.R. NEDUNCHEZHIAN under the Chairmanship of Minister PANRUTI S. RAMACHANDRAN.
1973 Dec. 8
Periyar convened a social conference to eradicate social degradation and caste system imposed by Brahmins. This conference was held on 8-12-1973 and 9-12-1973 at the Periyar Thidal, Vepery, Madras and a large gathering attended the session on both days. Periyar made an eloquent speech exhorting all Dravidians to come forward and work for the eradication of caste and their social degradation. Many historic resolutions were then passed.
1973 Dec. 19
At Thiyagaraya Nagar, Chennai - Periyar delivered his last speech (the Swansong) like an ever memorable dying declaration.
1973 Dec- 20
Due to unbearable acute pain of Hernia disease - Periyar was admitted in the Government General Hospital in Chennai.
1973 Dec- 21
On his wish Periyar was taken to the C.M.C. Hospital at Vellore.
1973 Dec- 24
The Greatest Original Thinker and the Resolute Rationalist of the World, Periyar, breathed his last, putting billions of rationalists, Tamilians of Dravidian race and admirers all over the globe into unbearable agony.
An official State mourning was announced by the Chief-Minister Kalaingar M. Karunanidhi and Gazette extraordinary was issued by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
1973 Dec- 25
A state funeral with police honours was arranged in Madras. His body was kept in the Rajaji Hall for the public to pay their respects when dignitaries, his followers, friends, and a host of others assembled in millions. The funeral procession started in the evening and reached the Periyar Thidal at Vepery, Chennai - 600 007 where his body was laid to rest. Leaders like former Chief Minister Mr. K. Kamaraj and Kalainagnar Karunanidhi came in the procession A Govt. holiday was declared on 24-12-1973 by the State Govt of Tamil Nadu.

1974 Jan- 6
After Periyar's death Mrs. E.V.R. Maniammai headed this Social Revolutionary Movement (Dravidar Kazhagam) and lived upto 1978.

1978 March- 16
Mrs. EVR Maniammal passed away.
1978 March- 17
Then Mr. K. Veeramani, who was nominated as General Secretary by Periyar in 1960, continued as the Secretary General of the movement and still he carries the torch. Now he is the President of Dravidar kahagam.
He has established numerous institutions as permanent Memorials to the Greatest Universal Rationalist Thinker - PERIYAR E.V. RAMASAMY.