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From 1950 to 1972 

He declared the Republic Day, 26-1-1950, as a Mourning Day for Tamils.

On 22-01-1950 Periyar was sentenced to undergo imprisonment for the publicationof
his book 'Ponmozhigal' (Golden sayings).

Sensing the formidable opposition engineered by Periyar, Constitution of India was amended for the first time by the Nehru Govt. at the centre. This was the first Amendment to the Indian Constitution. Ultimately sub clause (4) was added to the section 15 to admit of the provision of Communal G.O. to preserve the rights and equal opportunities of backward classes of India.
Periyar opposed the scheme of New Elementary education on the basis of the parents hereditary occupation, introduced by the then Chief-Minister Mr. C. Rajagopalachari (Rajaji).
Periyar and his followers erased with tar the Hindi-name-Boards in all Railway stations all over Tamil Nadu.
In order to condemn idolatary worship and to show to the world that there was no divine power in idols, he organised a campaign. His followers and himself broke the idol of PILLAIYAR (Vinayaga) at public places.
The intensity of Periyar's opposition against the educational reform-programme of Rajaji according to which all students should learn in schools their parents' profession was so formidable that Mr. C. Rajagopala Achari (Rajaji) had to quit the post of Chief-Minister. Consequently MR. K. KAMARAJ came to power as Chief-Minister of Tamil Nadu and he dropped the much opposed educational reform.
Periyar convened the Conference on Buddhism at Erode.
Periyar along with his wife and some friends visited Myanmar (Burma) and Malaysia. At Mandalay (Myanmar) he attended the World Buddhist Conference where he met Mr. Mallala Sekara, a Buddhist Scholar and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. He conversed with the latter for a long time and the subject of conversion to Buddhism came up for the discussion. He strongly advised Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to get coverted to Buddhism with a very lage mumber of people, and not to go alone.
1954 Dec
Periyar undertook his second tour to Malaysia and propagated his rationalistic principles in many places.
Periyar announced and fixed a date to set fire to the Indian National Flag in protest against the compulsory scheme of imposition of Hindi in Tamil Nadu, much against the wishes of the people.
Periyar was arrested for his public agitation of burning the pictures of Rama at all public places, as a symbolic protest against the Aryan domination and degradation of the Dravidian leaders according to the Ramayana epic.
The Trichi District Collector Mr. R.S. Malayappan a sympathizer of the Untouchables was given wantonly strictures in a judgement of the Madras High Court by two Brahmin Judges. Periyar exposed this judgement since R.S. Malayappan was an Offficer from a Backward community. Periyar criticised the High Court judges for their hatred towards the depressed class officers in a public meeting held at Trichi Town Hall Square.
1957 Jan - 18
The meeting between PERIYAR and VINOBA BHAVE, the Founder-leader of 'Land Donation Movement' took place at Tiruchirappalli.
1957 April - 23
For criticising the judgement of Madras High Court delivered by two Brahmin Judges in the case of Trichi District Collector Mr. R.S. Malayappan, Periyar was charged with contempt of court and when the final hearing was heard (Before the judges Justice P.V. Rajamannar and Justice A.S. Panchapakesa Iyer) he made a statement in the High Court, explaining how Brahmins conducted themselves with racial motive in several cases and opined that it was their inborn natural 'Dharma' to annihilate uprising Shudras and Panchamas.
On 3-11-1957 at Thanjavur a big conference was held to weigh Periyar against silver coins to commemorate his birthday.
On the same day a resolution was passed calling upon the people of Tamil Nadu to come forward to burn the excerpts of Articles in the Constitution of India on 26-11-1957 as a protest against the inclusion of Articles supporting caste. Some 10,000 people burnt the excerpts of the Constitution of India. Only about 3000 of them were arrested and sentenced to undergo from 6 months to 3 years Rigorous Imprisonment. This agitation rocked the whole of Tamil Nadu and that was the first time that such a big agitation against casteism was started. Some 15 to 18 persons died in and out of jail due to incarceration (A special act was passed to funish them).
Against the caste system, another big agitation was started by Periyar. Brahmins used to inscribe the name in their Hotel-Name-Boards as 'Brahmin Hotel' to spread the impression that Brahmins were superior caste. Periyar requested all his followers to erase the name 'Brahmin' in the Hotel Name Boards. Accordingly a compaign was started to erase the word Brahmin in all Brahmin Hotels in Tamil Nadu. As a result of this agitation, the name 'Brahmin' in the hotel-name-boards disappeared.
Periyar was arrested as a case was foisted on him by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu that he exhorted his followers to attack the Brahmins in his speeches delivered at Pasupathipalayam (Karur), Kulitalai and Tiruchirapalli and was sentenced to undergo imprisonment for 6 months by the District Sessions Court at Tiruchirapalli.
Periyar and Ram Manohar Lohia, the Socialist leader of North India, met at Chennai and discussed their social and political service to the people.

He undertook a tour of North India addressing meetings at Kanpur, Lucknow, New Delhi and other places.

He burnt the map of India excluding Tamil Nadu, explaining that the Central Government Raj is a Brahmin Raj.
A protest day was observed by Periyar all over Tamil Nadu against the Supreme Court judgement which had crippled the operation of the Tamil Nadu Land Ceiling Act which was ratified by an Amendment to the Constitution.

Mr. C.N. ANNADURAI became the Chief-Minister of Tamil Nadu, his party (DMK) having secured the majority of seats in the Tamil Nadu Assembly. He went to Tiruchirappalli and sought Periyar's greetings, goodwill and advice.
Periyar decided to extend his support to the D.M.K. Ministry. Mr. C.N. Annadurai declared in the State Assembly that he dedicated his 'Ministry' to Periyar. He also enacted the Self-Respect Marriage Act legalising all the marriages so far conducted on Self-Respect Marriage System devoid of rituals.
Mr. C.N. Annadurai, a lieutenant of Periyar, brought a legislation renaming Madras State as Tamil Nadu State and also introducing the two language formula (Tamil and English) for Tamil Nadu, instead of the 3 language formula prescribed by the Central Govt. then. These three achievements are the mile stones of his ministry.

As a true rationalist disciple of Periyar the Chief Minister ANNA directed to remove the pictures of all Hindu deities from the Govt. offices through a circular, as a secular measure.
Periyar observed a day for "Condemnation of the exploitation of North Indian Business Magnates".
He was invited to address Minorities Conference at Lucknow (U.P. Capital).
The Ramayana, Epic of Aryans, was burnt all over Tamil Nadu as a mark of distrust of the Aryans and trotest against the treatment of Dravidians in the Ramayana.

1969 Feb - 3
Chief Minister ANNA expired. Periyar plunged into profound grief and expressed that the future of entire Tamil Nadu had become darkened due to the demise of ANNA.
Periyar announced a Programme of agitation to get the right people of all castes to enter into the Sanctum Sanctorum of temples to eradicate the caste discrimination practised, according to which Brahmins alone could become Archakas and perform poojas in Sanskrit only instead of Tamil.
The Tamil Bi-monthly, the "Unmai" (Truth) was first started at Tiruchirapalli by Periyar. First issue was released by Dr. K. Veeramani, General Secretary (Now President) of Dravidar Kazhagam.
The UNESCO, an international organisation of the United Nations, conferred on Periyar a glorious title the citation of which reads as "Priyar the prophet of New Age, Socrates of South East Asia, Father of the social Reform Movement, and Arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners" - UNESCO 27-6-1970. The award was presented by the Union Education Minister of Education, Dr. TRIGUNA SEN under the presidentship of Chief Minister KALAINGAR
Periyar inagurated a new forum, called the Rationalist Forum, a non-political social organisation, enlisting the Government and private Employees and also others who subscrible to the views of "Rationalism".
A legislation was passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, enabling persons belonging to all castes to become Archakas (Triests) in Temples. Periyar demanded such a legislation, to abolish castes and to establish equality of persons irrespective of caste at all places.
Periyar inaugurated the English monthly, the "Modern Rationalist", the need for which was keenly felt by English knowing Rationalists.
1970 Nov-1
Mumbai (formerly Bombay) Dravidar Kazhagam arranged Birth-Day Celebrations of Periyar (September 17) and Anna (Sep. 15) Accompanied by EVR Mani Ammai and General Secretary of Dravidar Kazhagam Mr. K. Veeramani, Thanthai Periyar travelled in his van from Chennai and attended the above two functions besides some more meetings in Mumbai for three days from First November, 1970.

1971 Mar-3
After the 1971 Assembly election to Tamil Nadu, the new D.M.K. Ministry was sworn in under the Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi. Periyar attended the function.
1971 Sep- 17
At Erode, the home-town of Periyar, his statue was unveiled by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Hon. M. Karunanidhi. Revered Kundrakudi Adigalar presided over that function.

1972 Aug-13
At Cuddalore, the statue of Periyar was unveiled by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Hon. M. Karunanidhi. The Chairman of the Legislative Council Mr. C.P. Chitrarasu presided over the function.