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From 1931 to 1949  

The third provincial self-respect conference was held at viruthunagar.R.K. Shanmugam fresided over it.
1931 Dec 13

Periyar started his Journey to Europe from Chennai harbour by ship. Mr. S. Ramanathan and Mr. Ramu of Erode accompanied him. (Via Sri Lanka)


He visited many European Countries like Egypt, Greek, Turkey, Soviet Russia, Germany, England (Britain), Italy, Spain, France, Portugal etc.,

In Russia (formerly Soviet Union) his stay was extended for a lengthy period of three months because he was invited to address many workers' meetings. Being the First Nation of Karl Marx's Communism, established by the great leader Mr. Lenin, the former Soviet Union (Russia) captivated very much the heart of Periyar.

At Berlin, capital of Germany, Periyar visited several Socialist Associations and offices of Socialist magazines.

1932 June 20
In England (Britain) Periyar addressed a huge labourers' public meeting with more than 50,000 people. He explained his principles on Rationalism as well as Socialism.
1932 Nov 11
Returned to Erode after completing the European journey via Colombo, Capital of Ceylon (Srilanka).
1932 Dec 28-29
In Erode at the residence of Periyar, a plan of Socialist Programme drafted by the great thinker Comrade M. SINGARAVELU was discussed by the followers of Self-Respect Movement.
Periyar addressed many meetings throughout Tamil Nadu, propagating the 'Erode Plan of Socialism'..
1933 May 11
Mrs. E.V.R. Nagammal, the beloved wife of Periyar passed away and the burial took place the very next day..
On 12-5-1933, he immediately left for Tiruchirappalli where he conducted an Inter-religious (Christian) Self-Respect Marriage defying the section 144 promulgated in this connection and got arrested.
1933 Nov. 26
Periyar convened the conference of Self-Respect and Socialism at Erode.
Because of the repression by the British Rule, 'Kudi Arasu' - Tamil Weekly was banned. Another magazine 'Puratchi' (Revolution) was published by Periyar.
1933 Dec - 30
Periyar and his sister Kannammal were arrested and awarded imprisonment for an editorial in 'Kudi Arasu' weekly.
The reputed Socialist leader later known as 'Lok Nayak' JAYA PRAKASH NARAYAN met Periyar at his residence and requested him to join the Socialist Party (Founded by Jaya Prakash).
He brought out the Tamil weekly 'Pagutharivu' (Rationalism) on 12-1-1934.
Periyar began to extend his support to the Justice Party. It started the Tamil weekly paper "Viduthalai" on 1-6-1935. Then it was entrusted to Periyar who published 'Viduthalai' as Tamil Daily Newspaper from 1-1-1937.
From 13-1-1935 Periyar's script reform in Tamil language was adopted in all the papers and books published by him.
In the conference held at Kanchipuram he arranged a resolution to be passed to oppose Hindi imposition.
Having become the Prime Minister of the former composite Madras Province, Mr. C. Rajagopala Achariyar announced that Hindi would be made a compulsory subject in school curriculum.
1937 Dec. 26
At Truchirappalli, 'Tamils Conferance' was convened. There Periyar declared that to defeat the dominance of Hindi over Tamil and Dravidian race, the only solution would be 'A separate Souvereign State' ie., 'Tamil Nadu for Tamils'.

In his book entitled as "The world to come" Periyar visuvalised many scientific inventions including the possibility of the "Test Tube Baby" which is now a reality!
Periyar opposed the introduction of compulsory Hindi in schools by Mr. C. Rajagopala Achariyar (Rajaji) as Prime Minister of Madras Presidency who had earlier announced its introduction on 25-2-1938 but he actually introduced it on 23-4-1938. Periyar began to picket in front of the Hindu Theological School, Chennai from 4-6-1938 where Hindi was introduced. He courted arrest and was sentenced on 6-12-1938 to undergo imprisonment for 2 years. He was lodged in the Govt. Central prison at Madras and then he was transferred to the Bellary Jail (Andhra).
Mr. C.N. ANNADURAI (Latter he became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu 1967-69) participated the picketing against Hindi and went to jail.
On 29-12-1938 he was elected President of the Justice Party even when he was in Bellary Jail (Andhra).
The title "Periyar" was conferred on him by Tamil Nadu Women Conference held in Madras on 13-11-1938 under the presidentship of NEELAMBIGAI AMMAIYAAR daughter of MARAIMALAI ADIGAL, a veteran Tamil Scholar.


He met Dr. B.R. AMBEDKAR and MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH in Bombay. Mr. C.N. ANNADURAI (affectionately called as 'Anna'), accompanied him.

When the Ministry of Mr. C. Rajagopala Achariar resigned Periyar was invited to form alternative Ministry since he was elected the leader of the Justice Party.

He put forward the demand for a separate Dravida Nadu to save Dravidian race and Tamil language from the dominance of Hindi and North Indian Hindu Capitalists at Thiruvarur Conference.

On 27-8-1944 the name of the Justice Party was changed as 'Dravidar Kazhagam' to signify purely as a social revolutionary movement for the emancipation of Dravidian race oppressed by Brahmins at the provincial (special) Justice Party conference held at Salem and also not to contest elections and accept the titles given by British Govt.

On 11-5-1946, the famous "Blackshirts Conference" was held on the sands of the River Vaigai in Madurai when the conference pandal was set fire to, by Brahmin - instigated hooligans. Periyar and his followers were stranded for the whole day.

1947 Aug- 15
When the whole of India and the world were jubilant on the attainment of Indian "Independence" on 15-8-1947, Periyar boldly called it a 'mourning' day for Tamils with a foresight. He called Independence of India was nothing but a 'made over' to Brahmins and Baniyas from British.
On 14-9-1947, the Dravida Nadu separation conference was held at a moffusil town, Cuddalore.

The blackshirts volunteer corps was banned. The 18th Dravidar Kazhagam's State Conference was held at Tuticorn on 8-5-1948 and 9-5-1948 under the presidentship of Periyar when thousands of Periyar's followers assembled, irrespective of Caste and Religion.
Periyar and Mr. C.N. Annadurai ('Anna') participated in the Anti-Hindi Volunteers Conference held under the leadership of Maraimalai Adigalar (the Champion for purity of Tamil) in Chennai.
On 30-1-1948 Mahathma Gandhi fell a victim to the bullets of assassin Mr. Godse, a Marathi Brahmin in New Delhi at his prayer meeting. Periyar condemned the assasination at all meetings held thereafter in Tamil Nadu. He suggested that India be named as "Gandhi Nation (Nadu)", a new religion may be created as "Gandhi Religion" to mark his martyrdom.
1948 Aug - 10
The second Anti-Hindi Agitation started at Kumbakonam on 10-8-1948 on the directive of Periyar.
1948 Aug - 22
It was decided to show Black Flags to Mr.C.Rajagopalachariar when he visited Madras on 23-8-1948 as Governor General of India. Periyar organised a Black flag demonstration and his followers were arrested and kept in the central jail at Madras from
22-8-1948 to 27-8-1948 and were released on

Periyar's marriage with Mani Ammai was held just to guard his health as well as Movement's properties so that the Reformation movement would go on in future without stagnation.