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Download the below font



While Browsing, make the Encoding (under view menu)  as "User Defined"

Dynamic Font

Remember, this edition can be viewed only on Internet Explorer 4.0 or above and Netscape 4.03 or above. For the Tamil Pages kindly wait for the page to download completely, clear '' Cache '' and hit the '' Refresh '' or '' Reload '' button. Please wait for '' Document - Done '' at the left of your statusbar to view the pages in Tamil.

Manual Installation
Read Help to Install Free Dynamic Tamil Font
To view the "" web page you will need to download the following:

To Install Amudham and Amudham2000 Tamil Fonts. Down Load
Amudham 2000.ttf , Mullai.ttf
Then use the font utility in the control panel to install the font. View Typing Lay-out.

If you are using previous version of Netscape or any other browser, the following instruction will be usefull More instructions and other messages will be posted soon. Please send your feedback to
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